3 Genuine Technical Websites that Will Pay You to Write

Most of the content writers are constantly looking for places to write paid articles  . Its true , Whatever you write should not be wasted and that must pay you!

Here is a list of 3 websites i found on web which are going to pay you when you write for them .

1. www.Jackforum.com

Jackforum is a Technology forum for web hosting providers , website owners and Linux experts. The forum pay 1 USD for every 60 Genuine post

and 2 USD for every genuine answer .


2. www.linode.com

Linode is again a Server administration company which pays you for selected artciles , however your article will have to provide extremely good knowledge for Linux Servers .


3. www.tnphost.com/support

Similar to Linode , TNP HOST is a web hosting company which funds you for writing for them . 1 article will pay you 1 USD .



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