Control Your PC By Your Smart Phone!!

Hello, friends, I am Ansh and this time I am going to introduce you to an amazing app which can help you in controlling your PC by the help of your smartphone and also provides you many feature. The name of this app is PC remote. This app can help you use your smartphone as a mouse controller and a keyboard for your PC. This app also provides you following tools such as:-

  • Remote Desktop– This tool allows you to remote your desktop to your smartphone.
  • Projector– It allows you to see everything happening on your Smartphone’s screen on your PC.
  • Data Cable-It enables you the wireless data cable feature.
  • This PC-It allows you to see all the files present on your PC on your smartphone and also helps you to download them.
  • PowerPoint Control-This tool allows you the scrolling feature for your PowerPoint files.
  • Task Manager-It allows you to monitor all the task processing currently on your computer
  • Blackboard-This tool makes your smartphone screen a blackboard which is viewed on the connected PC too.

Beside these features the best part of this app is that it also provide you some layouts which help you in playing PC games through your smartphone with an experience that you have never enjoyed before. For racing games it provides you an extraordinary experience by giving you sensing, steering and throttle mode.
One more feature which this amazing app provides is that it gives you the list of some games which can be played on PC through your smartphone. These are the old video games of nineteens   which are still amazing like they were at that time. These games include contra, circus charlie, bombman, super contra, teenage mutant ninja turtle 2 and 3, super mario  etc.

You can easily download PC Remote from the google play store in your smartphone and for your PC you have to go to and from there download the PC Remote Receiver for your PC. Now you have to connect your PC and Smartphone to the same network (you can use your smartphone’s hotspot). After connecting open PC Remote receiver in your PC and PC Remote in your smartphone and from your smartphone scan the QR code on your PC and then you  are connected.

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