Do you know why Bada Mangal is celebrated in Lucknow ?

It was 1718 when the queen Alia Begum was getting some construction work done in Aliganj area for a regal building.
During the digging work labourers found two statues of Lord Hanuman.
Alia Begum got the statues placed somewhere in the corner of the construction area.
Next, night in her dreams, she heard -‘install these statues and you will have a child born to you’.
Within few days Alia Begum got the statue installed and it is the temple that is now known as ‘Purana Hanuman Mandir’, Aliganj.
Alia Begum was ‘blessed’ with a son she named him, ‘Mangat Rai Firoz Shah’.
If you think that ‘Naya Hanuman Mandir’, Aliganj is some recent temple, then you are wrong. ‘Naya’ or new is a misnomer. The Naya Hanuman Mandir is about 400 years old. It’s called ‘Naya’ as it came up a few decades after the ‘Purana’ or the old temple. Jathmal made the Naya Hanuman Mandir in 1752; the commander of Alia Begum was taking the other statue to some other place for installation. While they all were moving in a procession, the elephant carrying the statue sat at one place and refused to move further. Jathmal installed the statue at the place where the elephant sat. ‘This became the ‘Naya Hanuman Temple’.

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