Few Ways To Clear Up Some Extra Space In Your Android Device Which You Might Not Know!!

Hello, friends, I am Ansh and today I am going to tell you few ways to clear up some extra space on your Android device which you might not know. For these ways, you don’t need to root your android device. So let’s begin

  • Clearing Browsing History- Yes by clearing your browsing history also you can gain some memory for your device as the websites which you open for the first time get loads to your device and occupies memory. So friends if you have never cleared your browsing history before and its been about 6 months then by clearing your browsing history you can clear up to 300Mb.
  • Removing WhatsApp Backup Useless Files-So for this you need to open your file explorer. I consider you to use mi file explorer. You need to go to your WhatsApp folder>Database folder and there u will see many of the files named as mgstore. Leave the file by the latest date and delete rest of the files. These are back up files of your WhatsApp which whats app has back up since the starting as per its backup settings. File appearing by the latest date will be the latest file will be the file which WhatsApp has recently back up and the others are useless as there the old back up.
  • Removing APKs-You must have sent and received a lot of apps using SHAREit and also must have downloaded many of the apps from your browser. But this you might not know that a similar copy of APK’s is still there on the device as a useless files after the installation process. You can delete them without any fear of losing any type of data. So for deleting it go to the APKs section in your file explorer(MI file explorer or any other file explorer)and delete the apps from there.
  • Empty Recycle Bin-Just like your PC your device also has a recycle bin. If your device is older and you have deleted a lot of media items such as images and files then by this way you can clear up much of the space in your device even up to 1 GB. So if your device doesn’t offer you a recycle bin option it doesn’t mean that your android device doesn’t have a recycle bin. All the Android devices have recycle bin. All the files and media such as images and videos go to the recycle bin even if you format your device all the files, apps, and media get deleted but your recycle bin still have the files and media(not apps) so by clearing your recycle bin you can clear up some space in your device. If your device does not offers you a recycle bin then you can download es file explorer and from there you can access your recycle bin and delete files and media.

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