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Hello, friends, I am Ansh, I know that you all will never say no to the free amount of money gifted to you without any efforts. So today I am going to introduce you to the app which offers you free money by just answering few surveys. The name of this incredible app is Google Opinion Rewards. As this app is of Google it doesn’t land you in a trouble. You have to just download this app and enter your email id and you will be in the app and there’s no need of entering any password.  You can easily find this app in Google Play Store. Unlike other apps, there’s no need of playing a trivia game. You have to Just answer surveys and you can earn free money direct from Google. The money will remain in the app and you can easily spend it on play store or any other app or game by just singing with that email account by which you signed in the Google Opinion Rewards. You have to just check the app daily, it won’t cost you and will take only about 10 seconds of your daily life and if you find a survey tap on it and answer it before it expires. Each survey expires in 24 hours.

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