Hardly few days are left for CBSE Board Exams. I thought I should share some important tips to score good marks in English Paper. Students don’t give proper attention to English. Like other subjects, English needs preparation and attention too. Here are few tips for Class XII STUDENTS for scoring good marks:

  1. Proper Planning: Your English Paper is divided into three sections- Section A (Reading), Section B (Writing) and Section C (Literature). Try to find out your strength and weakness. Plan before, which Section is your strength and attempt that particular section first and then other section.
  2. Time Management: Plan out how much time you have to give to any particular section and try to complete in your planned time duration.
  3. Word Limit: Carefully see the word limit. Do not exceed the word limit as it won’t fetch you extra marks. So try to complete your answers within the allotted word limit. It will also save your time.
  4. Highlight Important Points: Highlight important points by underlining the words, phrases or sentences, so that the examiner notices the point easily while evaluating your answers.
  5. Attempt all the questions: Attempt all the questions. If you are not able to answer any question, then leave space according to given word limit for that question and it can be answered at last.
  6. Try to complete your paper within 2 hrs 30 minutes, so that you can give 30 minutes for revision.

SECTION A: Read the comprehension twice before going to questions, try to attempt the questions and then finally read the comprehension again. In note-making, try to make 3-4 abbreviations. Try to connect sub-heading to heading.

SECTION B: You must follow the format prescribed by CBSE. Break your contents into paragraphs wherever needed. Wisely attempt the questions when choice is given, do the best.

SECTION C: While answering 3-Marks Questions, you must write two important points and while answering 6-Marks Questions, you must write four important points.

NOVEL: Characters and plots are important.

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