Jasleen kaur Sarvjeet Singh Bedi Case – The Judiciary is still Owl for Men

If you are living in India and a citizen of India, Born as a Female. Congratulations! You are free to misuse laws made to protect women.

If you say, this never happens, Let us move back to time and remind you about a Girl called Jasleen Kaur and Boy Sarvjeet Singh Bedi.

The Girt complained about molestation did to her by boy Sarvjeet Singh. There were witnesses that Sarvjeet Singh had not made any such action and Sarvjeet Singh was also found guilty.

But the unfortunate news is, he is still going regularly to the court regarding this case and Jasleen Kaur Never Appeared in Court and is not penalised.


There was a false rumour by news channels telling people that court has decided the case in favour of Sarvjeet Singh but this never happened in the real sense.

Sarveet confirmed that he is still fighting in court and he hopes to get justice soon. No one knows when this soon will really come into existence. Best of Luck to him.



Deepika Narayan Bhardwaj who is fighting for rights said :


Price you pay for an argument with a woman on a busy junction in India. Sarvjeet Singh Bedi doesn’t know when will this end for him. Everyone in media who branded him as a molester cares a zilch about what will happen with the case because they have moved on after declaring him guilty, while he struggles with it everyday of his life. The one who complained is abroad because it is the state that fights her case on her behalf and a mere accusation with words is enough to charge the man.

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