Sunny Leone to Advertise for BJP

Sunny leone has now given a positive statement for a national party of India.

According to her, since she is a native of India and loves our Prime Minister Narendra Modi, She wants to advertise for BJP.

Rakhi Sawant is now jealous of Sunny leone because Rakhi never got a chance when she was willing to advertise for BJP

According to the report, Shatrughan Sinha is disappointed with the approach to opt Sunny leone as star campaign.

Sunny is also starred in  various Condom Companies and she says she is highly dedicated to creating awareness about the condom in our country !

She also states that large sale of a condom will not only help population growth issues but also help condom industries to create employment in a country !

Sunny will be shown in a BJP ad holding her passbook which she got after opening a bank account through Jan Dhan Yojna .

Sunny will also advertise for Prime Minister Beti Bachao yojna ! She will ask government to open Bars and Clubs where women have full rights to beat their boyfriends in public ! Please note that no FIR will be lodged against such cases ! This will empower women and their Karate, Judo and Kung Fu abilities !








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